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General aviation events

During the summer months we regularly compile a list of events for the coming weekend(s) of possible interest to GA pilots and aviation enthusiasts based on information from various magazines, websites and online sources.

Find an aviation event taking place near you...

We are getting an update ready for you - in the meantime, try the links below!


Planning Ahead

For advance information, we recommend the calendar pages on these sites:

Flyer; Royal Aero Club; and Pilot Magazine;


We collect this information from a variety of other sources and  reproduce it in good faith. Links are to the source we believe is the most informative. We hope that if you attend any of these events, you will enjoy it! However, AerosGifts isn't responsible for the running of these events or their arrangements.    Nor the weather...

Do check before you set out that the venue will offer the exhibits, facilities and/or services that you expect to find, and if the weather is not at its best, it may be sensible to check whether it is still taking place... Pilots obviously need to carry out their own pre-flight research, seek PPR where required, consult NOTAMs and other up-to-date airspace information.