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Girls fly too... . The British Women Pilots' Association (BWPA) is a membership organisation that exists to support women who fly or who are learning to fly and to encourage participation in aviation by women who currently don't. Members are of all ages, experience and backgrounds but share a common enthusiasm for flying.

We are delighted to feature some of Philip Stevens photographs in our products. See examples of Philip's other work on his website.

One of Philip's photographs was taken to record Polly Vacher's Wings Around Britain flight in 2007. The aim of this flight was to raise awareness of the charity 'Flying Scholarships for Disabled People' (FSFDP) and to promote sales of her book "Wings Around the World" - recording her earlier record-breaking solo flight around the world - the proceeds from which go to FSFDP. The Wings Around the World website provides more details about Polly's achievements. You can also find out more about the charity and its scholarship scheme and support FSFDP.

Uniquely UK is a collection of talented UK based artisans who produce a variety of stylish quality gifts, handicrafts and keepsakes. We currently stock exclusive aviation-related items from three of the team. They have an interesting blog where they share information and post tutorials, so the more crafty of you might like to sign up.

We learned to fly at Gloucestershire's Staverton Airport between Cheltenham and Gloucester: plenty of options for learning to fly there and for trial flights in a range of aircraft - we chose Staverton Flying School for our PPL training. Do spend time choosing a flying school and research your options carefully - one that meets your aviation requirements and has the right 'personality' and facilities to suit you. If you're interested in microlight flying, another Staverton option is The Flying Shack.