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Working on a plane can be rough and grubby work, and you need a good cleansing soap which provides a perfect antiseptic wash to get those hands re-invigorated without a lot of chemical and synthetics. Equally good for non-flyers after sports or just to start off your day, this lavender and tea-tree soap will appeal to both sexes.

It's made by an eco-savvy handmade pure soap company with heaps of energy and attitude - just like pilots. We've added our own unique touch, with a choice of high wing or low wing aircraft stamped into the soap. And even when that's rubbed away – well it remains an exceptional soap!

Further Information

Minimum soap weight 110g – stamped, hand cut and boxed.

The Little Soap Company are a Cotswold based company very vocal about good green skincare and the environment. Their holistically handcrafted soaps are made from carefully sourced ingredients and suppliers with the same business ethics. All the packaging is recycled, recyclable, biodegradable and made locally.

Ingredients – listed on the box: Olive Oil; Coconut oil; Palm oil; Spring Water (Aqua); Lavender essential oil; Tea Tree Essential Oil; ci77289 (natural green oxide to colour) and naturally occurring limonene & linalool. The lavender is sourced in the Cotswolds.


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