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Have fun decorating your walls with these big mural airplanes! Made of pre-pasted wallpaper, six individual aircraft shapes are supplied. Peel them off, wet them, and apply! It's fast and easy, and you can decorate any smooth surface with them... walls, tiles, glass, metal, wood...

How many you use and how you arrange the six airplanes is entirely up to you – flying in formation, or manoeuvring independently...

Further information

The package contains two sheets of pre-pasted diecut wallpaper. The glue is water soluble.

Remove the shapes from the sheet carefully, wet them, and apply to a clean flat surface in their final position. We suggest you may want to remove the sheets from the box first and lie flat to 'recover' before removing the individual shapes - which should be easy because they are ready-cut. Do plan carefully where you want to fix the shapes before you wet them as they are not designed to be movable!

The 2 small planes range in wingspan from 47cm to 53.4cm, the 2 medium size planes have a wingspan of 64.8 cm, and the 2 large planes are 94 cm and 102cm across.


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