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Big on style and size, these giant Peel & Stick Vinyl Murals are designed to be ready to fly straight on to your wall - no water or glue required. Being of vinyl, they also wipe clean.

This pack comes with eight individual vintage aircraft in vivid pinks, greens, blues and yellows. How you arrange them in flight is entirely up to you!

It's quick and easy to create stunning results on a smooth surface, and when you are ready for a change they can be effortlessly rearranged or removed and used again somewhere else.

Further Information

Not recommended for textured or rough surfaces - and not on freshly painted walls (leave them a month first).

These Giant Vinyl Murals are supplied on sheets packed in large cardboard tubes approx 1.4 metres tall which will be couriered.  We suggest you may want to remove the sheets from the tube first and lie flat to 'recover' before removing the individual shapes. Instructions are provided: these suggest that you may find it easier to work with someone rather than put up some of the larger planes unaided. 

There are 8 Planes ranging from 34cm x 20cm to a massive 68½cm x 28cm


This item is packaged in a substantial postal tube over 140cm long which will always be sent by courier.


Shipping to Channel Island addresses: please do not place an order for this item without discussing your order with us first. Orders containing this item are not covered by our normal P&P charges for these destinations. For further information, see our Delivery page.




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