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Myro the microlight is the Smallest Plane in the World, and the hero of this series of delightful picture books for children aged 3+. A plane with personality, Myro The Smallest Plane in the World is sure to find a place in every little pilot's heart. With gripping stories, beautiful images and irresistible characters, all of our Myro books are signed by the author on the title page. Each book makes a lovely gift.

Myro is as mischievous, curious and disaster-prone as any five-year-old and the six stories in series 1 follow his exciting adventures as he settles into a new home in Australia and makes lots of new aeroplane friends.

These are more than just story books. Each back cover opens up to show a detailed map of where the adventure takes place, so children can follow the story as it unfolds. On the reverse is a colourful fact file, full of fun and interesting information about Myro and his friends. On the inside back-cover is a detailed aircraft "cutaway", and also featured is the pilot's phonetic alphabet – Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, etc.

We sell each book and an accompanying activity pack individually. They are also available as audio books with a CD. You can also buy the full series as a set (see related products) - we offer a small discount on the cost of the six books AND the activity book comes free!

Further Information

The books have soft but strong covers, and measure 23x27cm.

In his first adventure, 'Myro Arrives in Australia', Myro meets his new hangar mates: a gyrocopter, a helicopter and a Cessna light aircraft. Like any new-comer, he has to win their friendship. He is quickly off exploring the valley and soon makes a daring rescue of a sheep in trouble.

In 'Myro and the Bush Fire', Myro is hailed as a hero for showing quick thinking and bravery when he takes off through thick black smoke to get help for his aeroplane friends trapped on the farm.

In 'Myro and the Tiger Moth', Myro meets a broken down old-timer bi-plane, and enlists the help of the local museum to see him fully restored and flying again. But spare parts are scarce and it takes Myro's eagle eyes to save the Tiger Moth from the scrapheap.

In 'Myro and the Railcar', Myro is teased and then tries to race Rayco the old diesel railcar to the top of Australia's Blue Mountain railway. But after a near miss and the fright of his life, Myro makes a new friend and learns that wisdom is much safer than speed.

In 'Myro and the Skydivers', Myro flies higher than he's ever flown before to prove he can take a skydiver parachuting, just like the big planes can! But he should have asked permission and trouble is now just around the corner...

In 'Myro and the Jet Fighter', Myro is quick to swallow his pride when a supersonic plane crashes in the Australian Bush. The Smallest Plane in the World races to the rescue and soon becomes the toast of the Jet Fighters back at the airbase.


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